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Why do I need Social Media Marketing?

Social Media has forever changed the world that we live in. With over 43% of the global population now using social media and over 1 million daily new users the amount of attention online is staggering... and the numbers are only growing! However, people are no longer using Social Media just for entertainment but are actually using online platforms to shape their lifestyle choices, showcase their purchasing power and inform their buying decisions. The explosion of Social Media has given rise to an incredible marketing opportunity that businesses can no longer afford to ignore.

Social Media Marketing lets you learn about your audience and CONNECT directly to your consumers. It can increase inbound traffic and helps to builds your online presence, which in turn has the advantage of organically boosting your search engine rankings. It lets you develop trust and brand loyalty with your audience, allows improved customer service through direct engagement and lets you target and retarget your customers. These are only a few of the reasons why SMM has the potential to make an impact on your business in many different ways.

What We Do

Sansara covers all aspects of the Social Media spectrum.

Social Media Strategy & Consulting

Brand Analysis, Social Media Audit, Strategic Planning & Consultancy.


Social Media Management

Cross-Platform Management, Monitoring & Performance Indication.


Design & Content Marketing

Targeted Videos, Graphics, Photo, Blogs, Infographics, Articles & Newsletters.


Social Media Advertising & Promotion

Optimised, Strategic Display & Banner Ads on all Social Media platforms.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

We can devise a detailed and comprehensive STRATEGY based on a Social Media Audit and Brand Analysis of your current online activity. In addition, we can also provide CONSULTING if you just need advice or a detailed strategy to pass to your in-house team. We then provide a MANAGEMENT service to not only manage all of your online accounts and ensure that you are connecting with the right people but to closely monitor your daily activity and pro-actively respond in real-time.

That is where our DESIGN & CONTENT MARKETING services come in to generate targeted content, from high-quality videos and graphics to content such as articles and infographics. Finally, we offer Social Media ADVERTISING services to complete your SMM portfolio and attract even more customers on all of the major platforms. Sansara Digital can take care of all of your Social Media needs to help you see the real benefit in using online networks to your advantage.

Social Media Promotion


High- Quality Content

It is important to have regular high-quality content to engage with consumers and our in-house design team are experts in this field.


Great Rankings

A strong social media presence will make you more visible and coupled with a strong SEO strategy will boost your search rankings.


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