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SEM is About Securing Your Customers

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What Is Search Engine Marketing?

It can take a bit of time to create new content, optimise your website and monitor all of your marketing campaigns simultaneously. However, if you want to get the ball rolling right from the start and hit the ground running for IMMEDIATE results then there is no faster way of gaining front page visibility on major search engines than through Search Engine Marketing.

SEM is simply the ability to purchase TRAFFIC, whether its as an online ad or to be listed in the highlighted sections of a search engine. Unlike SEO which requires optimising and building content over time, SEM can give instant results, even allowing a business to get to the top of the paid section of a search engine in the same day if they meet the criteria. SEM can be a highly effective tool to see results in a very short time period and it works in several different ways.

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Our SEM Services

We specialise in every area of Search Engine Marketing.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Bid to be highlighted on all major Search Engines.


Banner Ads

Display & Banner Ads for Websites and Social Media.



Target users who have already visited your site.


Mobile Marketing

Promotion designed specifically for Mobile Devices.

Organic Traffic - Increase
Bounce Rate - Decrease
Average Visit Duration - Increase
Pages Per Session - Increase

Why Do I Need Search Engine Marketing?

SEM creates instant BRAND AWARENESS & TRAFFIC in search engines so a brand with little visibility can get attention immediately. It targets high-quality leads and can generate REVENUE very quickly with the right strategy and even produce sales on the very SAME DAY as advertising. SEM grows with your brand and allows you to take advantage even if you have a limited spend, allowing you to only increase your budget after the sales come in.

It can be highly COST-EFFECTIVE as you can pay for an ad only when someone actually clicks on it while still being much CHEAPER than traditional advertising. SEM can give you a competitive advantage by boosting your VISIBILITY while leapfrogging you over your competitors in the search engines. It is also very easy to track sales and measure performance while offering you complete FLEXIBILITY & CONTROL over your daily spend. Overall, SEM can be an extremely advantageous & powerful tool in your Digital Marketing strategy, especially when combined with SEO.

We Are SEM Experts

Sansara can run and closely monitor your Search Engine Marketing campaigns and provide you with regular Activity & Analysis Reports with our feedback and suggestions on how to further maximise on your results to help you reach your optimal formula.


Search Engine Marketing Is Your Fast-Track Solution To Showcasing Your Brand

Get straight to the top of the search pages to ensure that you're being seen wherever your customers are. And the great news is that SEM can make sure that you only ever pay when someone clicks on you!


See The Full Benefits

Using SEM as a part of your overall Digital Marketing Strategy will provide you with the ultimate combination to fully maximise on your Online Exposure, Search Engine Rankings, Conversions & Revenue-Generating Potential.

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Content Marketing (CM) %
Email Marketing (EMM) %

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is the most popular form of SEM and involves BIDDING to place your site in the highlighted ADS Section of a search engine. You select KEYWORDS and set your maximum price and each time your link is clicked you are charged for that click, so even a small initial investment could start landing some big orders.

PPC also includes:

PPC Services

Get the most from your clicks.

Keyword Research

With PPC you pay every time someone clicks on your Ad based on the Keywords that you select, so Keyword Selection is crucial. We will perform Keyword Analytics to identify the most popular Keywords for your business & industry and compare them against your competition to ensure that you're utilising the most effective combination.

KPI Analysis

We will then track every metric of your campaign and monitor performance on a daily basis to improve your rate of success. We will even optimise the project to streamline your landing page experience, as Search Engines reward advertisers who can create relevant, intelligently targeted PPC campaigns by charging you less for ad clicks.


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Take a look at how it all works.

Have You Heard About Remarketing?

So you've put in all the work to boost your profile and people are starting to visit your site. You've targeted consumers that are looking for your services but sometimes they just need that little push at the right moment to buy from you. Maybe they saw your ad on the train to work and didn't have the time to click back on you. Maybe they didn't get to go through your full product range. Not all of them will purchase from you the first time they see you but they may very well purchase something from you the next time. So how exactly can you still profit from all the hard work of attracting them to your site initially without letting them slip through the net for good? Enter Remarketing.

Remarketing is a form of SEM that cleverly targets people who have already visited your site. Heard of those little things called COOKIES that live in your browser? Remarketing works by placing cookies on the devices of your target users after they visit your site. These cookies contain a unique ID that can be used to position targeted DISPLAY ADS specific to these consumers on any website they visit that is signed up with the Google Display Network to remind these vistiors of your products, services & promotions. Remarketing can be extremely effective in improving sales conversions and raising brand awareness across the internet.

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Remarketing is an essential tool for converting already interested consumers into valuable returning customers. See the full benefits and learn how it can work for you by contacting Sansara today.

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