Email Marketing (EMM)

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email without doubt remains one of the most effective methods of online marketing. In fact, 91% of all global consumers use email and another 91% of people use their smartphones to access their emails directly. When it comes to communication, Email is still a major force to be reckoned with and can offer your business many advantages when part of your Digital Marketing strategy.

Email Marketing is an EFFICIENT and COST-EFFECTIVE way to acquire new customers while connecting directly to your target consumers in real-time. It helps to keep your customers informed and updated on promotions, developments and new product lines. It is one of the best ways to raise AWARENESS over a prolonged period and ROI is among the highest of all marketing tools. In short, it can offer significant benefits to any business with a solid strategy in place.


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What We Do

Sansara splits Email Marketing services into four key areas.

Email Marketing Strategy

We will conduct an Email Audit and analyse your operation to devise a strategy that will give you the best results.

Email Template Design

We can design fully-responsive amazing looking email templates that are customised for mobile devices.

Tracking & Reporting

We will track which content combinations consumers respond to best and which Calls-To-Action produce the best returns.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We will compile a database of quality leads to target as we monitor campaign progress and streamline operations.


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