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Beautiful Design

Sansara can make your apps look stunning with clean, modern designs.

Fully Responsive

Our apps are optimised to work across multiple platforms and devices.

Intuitive Layout

We think it all through so your audience can navigate effortlessly through the UI.


We Build
Awesome Apps!

Whether you have a great idea for a brand new app, want to connect with your audience or even design an exciting game, Sansara has got you covered.

Building fantastic looking apps is one of the things that we do best and however you envision your concept we can help make it come to life. See what makes us so special and the only choice when it comes to building your app.

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Why choose Sansara?

Look at what we can offer you.

Built-in video player

Let your audience see your content in your app without going anywhere else. We can set up a slick in-built player to give your app an even more prestigious look.

Built-in chat

Want your users to interact with you or with each other? We can integrate chat to let yor audience connect directly to you without leaving your app.

File sharing

We can facilitate file sharing on many major platforms so your users always have access to their pictures, videos and documents straight from within your app.

Advanced settings

Sansara can incorporate a variety of advanced features such as fingerprint recognition, order tracking and searches to ensure that your users have an incredible experience.

Cutting-Edge Themes

Want your app to 'pop' off the screen? Sansara specialises in super-vibrant, future-proof designs that stay ahead of the design curve and wow your audience.

Smart Features

Need something with a little more power under the hood? We can integrate smart features such as voice recognition & GPS tracking to enable maximum functionality.

Cloud Services

Allow your users to share and store files straight from the cloud through your app with just a simple touch of the screen and let them get connected in real time.

Photo Sharing

It's as easy as pointing the camera, taking the picture and uploading from your gallery. Allow your users to share their pics with friends straight from the app.

App Stores

Multi-Platform Development

For wherever you want to be seen.

Boost Your App

Optimisation. Performance. Popularity.

From the very beginning we build your app with speed, consistency and the ultimate user experience in mind.

We optimise all of the content from text to pics to make sure that your app runs smoothly and efficiently for your users to enjoy.

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Tap-Tap Time

Fully Secured

Sansara takes security & privacy seriously and we can provide you with solutions to keep your apps and data safe.



We can integrate your theme into a custom website, video or graphic to keep your branding consistent.


Great Support

We have a great relationship with our clients and we aim to be here for you for every step of the way.

Desktop Compatibility

See your app in your browser

Fully Featured Web App

Want to see your app on your desktop? We can even create a version of your app that is optimised for desktops and laptops to make sure that your users can log on easily wherever they are and boost your online profile to get even more eyes looking at you.

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